Dreaming up a life is way cozier than living the dream

We all know this one person who gives us the incredibly smart and very original advice that “everything is possible” and “the sky is the limit” so just go and do, right? “Just do it!” (Thank you, Nike).

And yes, this is me being sarcastic.

If you are like me, you might feel slightly overwhelmed after such a motivational ‘push-me-to-the-edge’ preach.

Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on motivational videos. I follow all the big guys out there on my Instagram. The hustlers and grinders, the executors and all-nighters. With all their lovely videos that pop up on my feed. Perfectly equipped with subtitles, so you don’t even have to turn on the volume.

We watch them as they tell us to go and do now! To take massive action now! That there is nothing that can stop us if we only want it bad enough.

They are so pumped.

So am I.

Until I ain’t anymore.

Because it can create pressure.

Because in reality it’s much easier to  dream up a life than to actually go out and live it.

Because at the end of the day I close my laptop and go to bed.


Pressure on me

cause I can’t decide

for what to fight

for what is right

I have no clue

what to do

I feel lost

but at all cost

am I gonna live

the life of my dreams

whatever that means

and will give

my best

to accomplish




Dream big or go home

Big dreams can be intimidating, especially if these dreams are big and seem so unattainable. We might be frustrated at times, because our dreams point at the gap of where we currently are and where we already want to be. They are a painful reminder that we haven’t managed to bridge that gap yet. They present the things we whish to already have and be.

But dreams also teach us patience. They remind us that we shouldn’t regard dreams in themselves as main ends but rather the paths that will eventually lead us there. The process of realizing them. The journey. And all the incredibly valuable experiences and lessons we will gain along the way.

And yes, part of that journey will be failures and setbacks. We will feel demotivated at times and highly motivated at others. It’s gonna be ups and downs just like the lines that show up on a heart rate monitor. Because that’s life.

Dreams also test our loyalty. Our ability to stick to them, believe in them and in us and to not give up.


We are our own biggest obstacles

Yes, auntie we know by theory  that “I am possible” but still…it takes more than that to make us believe in ourselves. Oftentimes we are holding ourselves back.

Our minds are big fans of worst-case scenarios. In fact we spend significantly more time thinking and obsessing about all the things that can go wrong, and easily fail to seriously consider the slight possibility for it to go right and to be successful. You see, we are our own biggest obstacles.

The only thing standing in between me and my dreams is me. 

We are afraid to fail and to be disappointed after, so we better not try. It’s safer, right? And we all know: “better save than sorry!” Does this apply for our dreams, though? Do we really prefer to feel “safe” now at the expense of possibly feeling regret later on? Because of all the would haves, could haves and should haves?

It all boils down to ourselves in the end, because we are who we think we are.

We are insecure and scared. We are bold and reckless, and we have an abundance of infinite possibilities in front of us. So what will we do?

Nothing? Because we feel paralyzed?

Or everything? Because we literally can?


Dream big and just start going

What we can do is to take it step by step, day by day and do so persistently and consistently. First and foremost, however, have faith in yourself and in your future.

Energy flows where attention goes. So make yourself take the first baby-step and the next one will follow. Nobody ever climbed Mount Everest in one day. (And a sunflower neither grows to its fullest in a day).

And remember that the next best time to plant a tree is today, so toss away the ‘what ifs’ and’ would haves’ and start digging a hole. 


Thank you for reading 🙂

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  • Eli

    Nice reading, but often your dreams are stopped by necessities and demands from other persons around you.
    you feel responsible.

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