What sunflowers can teach us about life

I was taking a sunny walk, which lead me to a beautiful field full of sunflowers. To be honest with you, sunflowers used to be my last pick at a florist’s, but that changed on that day. As I was standing in front of the vast yellow I realized something incredible about sunflowers.

Their heads all pointed to the same direction, at the sun. They are following the sun constantly, because they need the sun in order to nourish, blossom and grow so sunflowers actively expose their most to the sunlight.

To some this observation might be nothing new and, hey, I agree it’s not rocket science, but I never consciously thought about it this way. So my mind came up with an analogy, which is the whole idea and basis behind SunflowerMinds and the number one reason for me starting this blog.

Positive mind positive life

Think about it. We all want to be and feel happy right? We all want to wake up in the morning and feel excited to start a new day. We want to conquer our fears and take on challenges with confidence. In order to achieve this though, we have to be in the right state mentally and physically. To get there, we need to take care of all the noise in our heads that slow us down. The negativity, the limiting beliefs and the self-depreciating monologues we have with ourselves.

How often do you wake up  feeling guilty because you pressed the snooze button too many times and now you will be late. You feel tired and scold yourself for having stayed up that late. You also have a bad conscience since you watched four episodes of the latest tv show on Netflix, instead of finishing up the assignment. You know that you have to do it today, feel stressed, feel a lack of time and can’t help to think you are not good for anything.

My point is that in order to get rid of such a detrimental mindset, we need to nurture our minds with “sunlight” just like sunflowers. We need to actively expose ourselves to good vibes, positivity and people who inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

This is what the blog is all about and I hope you will enjoy it. So whenever you are looking or craving for inspiration and encouraging thoughts you can come here and reevaluate the way you start your day.

Let’s replace negative self-talk with positive self-love.

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