How to Become World Changers, Life Savers and Ultimate Power Rangers

You know these days where you walk solely by yourself not feeling quite well? Where you are in a rather bad mood, a negative state, feeling somewhat down? But then you look up and see another person passing by meeting you with a smile?

You instantly feel better. About everything that bothered you just a second ago. Somehow this seemingly insignificant encounter with a complete stranger that greeted you with kindness changed your day for the better.

This happened to me very recently and really made me feel so much better about myself. In fact, I felt so inspired that I came up with a small poem: And remember to smile at a stranger for you might bring some light into a stranger’s life

Sometimes all we need is a small encouragement by someone who acknowledges us. Especially on days where we can’t do that for ourselves. A random act of kindness.

We all want to be seen

No way we can deny it!

Each of us craves recognition. We all have this deep desire to be seen. So we automatically feel better when that need is met. Knowing this we can choose to care for others.

It doesn’t have to be anything major. I am not saying that we should start walking up to everyone on the streets and smile at them randomly. Although it might be worth a thought, especially since smiling has positive side effects for us too. It increases our happiness hormones. So we might want to give it a second thought;)

Ignoring vs interacting

I am hinting more at simple, small scale kindness such as choosing to interact with someone when you could have easily ignored them.

In any given situation in which we encounter another person we always have two choices. We can either decide to ignore that person and live on with our lives’ or we can choose to interact with that person by kindly acknowledging them in some way.

By choosing to interact and engage with someone we create a chance to positively affect that person. And that can start a chain reaction. In other words, someone who feels good might be more inclined to treat others better as well.

Don’t we all secretly have this vision of ourselves to create really meaningful change in the world? To have a positive impact? Well, if we want to be world changers, life savers and ultimate power rangers, we need to act upon that and make positivity louder. We can always give kindness even if we have nothing else to offer because kindness has no price but immense value.

Simple acts of kindness, the smallest acts of caring for others, create ripple effects with no end. Kindness and compassion create kindness and compassion.

First and foremost, remember to be kind to yourself! By being kind to ourselves we create the space to be kind to others.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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