Feeling lost in a world full of people (7,646,716,028 to be exact)

I h0p3 y0u guys ar3 f0nd 0f num63rs, 90nna thr0w in s0m3, 3nj0y 🙂

7,646,716,028. The number of people living on our planet right now as I am writing this sentence on August 31st 2018 at 19:28.

313,207 births and 129,020 deaths.

Scientists have calculated the world to be 4,54 billion years old.

Our species, Homo Sapiens, has been existing since 250,000 to 300,000 years.

Big numbers raise big questions

These numbers are so big, it’s hard to comprehend their meaning. They make us wonder about life and its purpose.

Naturally we ask ourselves, why are we here and what is the whole point of living? Are we here to achieve something? Is there a right or wrong way to live life? Are we here to become a certain someone? And then? What does this all mean?

What is clear from the very beginning is that our stay on earth is a temporary arrangement. If we are lucky, we get up to 100 years in this world to live a life.

Isn’t it crazy that we were given such a gift? And yet, at times it can feel more like a burden, especially if we don’t know what to do with it. Whenever we feel helpless and hopeless and not good for anything. If we have no idea which doors to open and which ones to leave closed.

I hope to find a guide

to show me how to live a life

because I feel lost trying

I only know that one day we will all be dying

Year after year I wonder

Where did time go?

Where did I go?

What should I do?

1 in 7,646,716,027

You and I, we are just one amongst billions of others in this one world. Every day passes, whether we participate in it or not.

And although we might feel insignificant right now, remember that although we might be no one to the world, to someone we are the whole world.

7,6 billion worlds in one world

7,6 billion people on one planet.

Yet, each of us is living in their own unique world. At times our world can seem like a quiet place where the only thing audible is our own breath. It appears that despite the other 7,646,716,027 people, it’s possible to feel lonely and alone with our emotions.

I doubt that there is a single person out there that is on a constant high and knows their direction. Rather I am convinced that we are all not that different. That we all go through highs and lows, worry too much and feel alone.

Know that people have been going through the same things as you before. It will be okay. We are basically all from the same mass. Stardust. The water inside of your body might have been in Einstein’s body already, or in Aristotle’s. It’s all connected. Cool?

Lost & Found

Accept that life can feel overwhelming at times. Remember we are the sky and not the clouds. Feeling as if our lives have been dropped off at a lost & found can be all consuming but will eventually pass. Don’t hold on to it.

Being unsure about the next step gives us a chance to reflect. Embrace that pause. The pause to reflect is the sauce.

Your life is your message to the world

There are some things we can’t understand. Instead of asking questions, live the questions. Instead of asking what is the meaning of life, go and live life and find out along the way. Create your own meaning. Be your own purpose.

Everyday we wake up with a new chance to flip the script, to re-invent ourselves and change towards what we are aiming to become. Life is a continuous unfolding.

And although it might not seem like it right now, everything will eventually add up to something. The useless, the unproductive, the days spent in bed, the misery felt in certain situations, the long walks, the moments missed out on. The intense state of feeling lost. These are our becoming.

We get to decide what kind of mark we leave when we leave. I have read somewhere that our legacy is every life we touch. So let’s be loving and peaceful and generous with that. Don’t lose hope. Design a compelling future. Something to look forward to.

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure its inspiring.

And remember you are not alone with your feelings. Chances are you share these feelings with 7,646,716,027 other people. You are not alone. You are not the only one feeling lost. It will be okay. It is okay. Just be.

Thanks for reading xx



  • Elisabeth

    7,6 Billion people, all with love and hate und hope and despair. One really has to think positiv to endure it. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

  • Fra

    The world has always been tough, even more in the past actually…
    the only thing that has radically changed is that nowadays we can have an eye opened on everything -that the media want to share though-
    Life is great, focus on what is close to you and on a « you can really change it » scale!
    Family, arts, gardenning, cooking are all good for that « big big world » blues 🙂

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