Thank you for being here:)

My name is Elena and SunflowerMinds is my attempt to share some of my thoughts and perspectives on life and it’s many facets. I believe that life is a gift and that we owe to give something back by becoming more ourselves.

The whole idea and basis behind SunflowerMinds and the number one reason for me starting this blog is because of an analogy about sunflowers that I came up with one day, while I was standing in front of a sunflower field.

The sunflower analogy:

We need to nurture our minds with “sunlight” just like sunflowers. We need to actively expose ourselves to good vibes, positivity and people who inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

This is what the blog is all about and I hope you will enjoy it. So whenever you are looking or craving for inspiration and encouraging thoughts you can come here.

Let’s replace negative self-talk with positive self-love,